We have switched our beloved Chicken Burgers for an even more fabulous Chicken Burger! 🐓

Here's Why:

As of 16.01.2023, our beloved Chicken Burgers has been removed from our menu.

Due to unforeseen circumstances one of our main ingredients is no longer available.

Since we were unable to find a replacement that met our quality standards, we took the decision to temporarily remove our existing Chicken Burgers from the menu rather than compromise on the quality.

But don’t worry, we didn’t just leave you with a side of fries, we’ve worked on something even more delicious for you to bite into: The Double-Glazed Chicken Burger!

Double-Glazed Chicken Burger

We’ve been working on our Double-Glazed Chicken Burgers for quite some time now and we’re confident that you will love it even more than the old one!

So now, wipe your tears, come on down and give the Double-Glazed Chicken Burgers a try.

We promise it’s worth the trip!