gourmet burgers handcrafted daily from superior grade beef or chicken & served in a soft bun with homemade sauces.

enn top morso bef ou swa poul, dan enn dipin bien mou, avek so lasos mayo fe mezon, fer ar letan ek lamour.

Double Cheeseburger at & burgers
Wraps at & burgers
Chef - Saif Barahim

nou zistwar...

…li bien sinp.

nou anvi servi zot enn burger ki fer zot labous ek leker kontan. pou nou fer sa nou fin devlop enn ban reset kot nou servi ban meyer ingredian ki ena lor marse.


nou aplik nou ban valer personel dan nou restoran, par egzanp, nou servi fey palmis dan plas lasiet zetab, parski nou contan nou lanitir ek nou zoli lil.


lorla nou krwar dan enn moris miltikiltirel, akoz sa nou ena enn zafer pou zot tou lor nou meni. se ki halal, vegetaryen ek poul.


Saif – sef ek co-fondater & burgers



Beef Burgers

Loaded Fries

Vegetarian Burgers

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Is everything halal?

Yes, all our ingredients are sourced from halal certified suppliers. All certificates are available for a closer look at our restaurant.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver during week-days to Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill, Ebene, Moka, Quatre-Bornes and Coromandel. You can order online here.


Do you open for lunch?

Yes, we open daily from 11:30am to 3pm for lunch.


How do I order?

We accept orders via our website only. You can click on the Order Now button to order. We are unfortunately unable to accept orders via phone, getting your order 100% right is our top priority and this not always easy on the phone.

Do you serve chicken burgers ?

We have just launched our Chicken burgers. They are now served everyday. Many are saying they are as good as the Beef Burgers. Give it a try and let us know.

Do you take table reservations?

We do not hold any table reservations. However, you are welcome to order ahead.



Closed on Tuesdays

215, Royal Road, Beau-Bassin
(opp. Jumbo Express/Windsor)